While we continually concentrate on supporting several areas of local and long-distance outreach, we here who comprise the Cleveland church of Christ (Romans 16:16) have found one of our most all-inclusive and well-supported outreach programs to be that of supplying beautiful, quality, hand-made articles of appropriate clothing to those who need them most. Hundreds of hand-made knitted and crocheted items such as many, many lap robes for wheelchair patients and afghans given to Oklahoma Veteran’s Centers; hundreds and hundreds of “preemie” and cancer caps to several Tulsa hospitals and health centers; lap robes and afghans to local area facilities such as the Community Service Center right next door; teddy bears and children’s afghans and blankets to the Department of Health and Human Services; and many other items have been, and continue to be, lovingly produced, provided, delivered, and distributed to these and several other, more recently-discovered outlets, completely free of charge in the Name of Christ.

This is only made possible by the very generous benevolent support lovingly given to the very hard-working ladies who actually create these beautiful items, from both individual Christians and also in the form of their monthly “yarn allowance.”  Our ladies meet each Thursday afternoon starting at about 1:00, to learn, craft, knit, and crochet – and share some great fun and fellowship along the way. Many of these good and devoted sister-saints had never knit or crocheted before, while some did many years ago. But the bottom line is that one of them has been crafting continually for over 40 years and is teaching the rest of them everything from the most basic stitches to reading and following the most complicated patterns on their own – and even in some cases CREATING their own! Many of those who never thought they could, do indeed, from the oldest to the youngest… And love, in the form of soft, warm, cuddly, cozy, and practical craft and clothing items continue to be turned out in the Name of Christ to those most in need.

And we would also like to extend an invitation to any of our sisters from around the local and Tulsa area congregations – be they elder’s wives, deacon’s wives, preacher’s wives, or any of our interested sisters in Christ who would like to come and learn these skills and help contribute to these good works, to please come and join our ladies on Thursdays for a while and then take the skills you’ve learned back to the sisters in your home congregations and start your own craft outreach/fellowship program. In fact, the Owasso congregation is amongst several whom we have had the privilege of planting such programs with (See:

All are welcome; the work is rewarding; the fellowship is fantastic, and the benefits are “out of this world!” To God be the Glory; always and in all ways! Amen!

Our Fall Of 2015 Distribution Included:

  • The 340 purple baby hats produced and currently counted for the “Period Of Purple Crying” Program (See: or:
  • The 166 baby hats plus 5 preemie quilts headed for the Hillcrest Hospital Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit.
  • The 16 toddler afghans (3 with matching baby caps); 5 baby blankets (2 with matching baby caps); the 13 sweaters (2 with matching hats, plus 2 with matching hat and mitten sets); 5 ponchos and 3 toddler quilts on their way to Emergency Infant Services of Tulsa (See:
  • The 34 afghans, 5 sweaters, 3 ponchos, 2 teddy bears, and 1 quilt delivered to the Tulsa County Emergency Shelter at 2401 Charles Page Boulevard in Tulsa.
  • The 144 pink cancer caps (87 adult + 57 children's) produced for the October “Turning Tulsa Pink“ program.
  • The 159 cancer caps (151 adult + 44 children's) headed to cancer treatment facilities in Tulsa.
  • Plus, the 207 winter hats, 68 pairs of mittens, 58 hat & mitten sets, and 1 headband made so far (with more to come) set to be given away this late fall/early winter right here in Cleveland.

The following is the 2016 tally/total which our Helping Hands For Christ Ladies Craft outreach group was blessed to be able to produce and put forth this past Labor Day weekend prior to the entire amount’s fall distribution to the needy. To God be all the glory, always, and in all ways!

  •  26 hat & mitten sets to Cleveland Head Start.
  •  5 hat & mitten sets to Cleveland Primary School.
  •  5 hat & mitten sets to Cleveland Intermediate School.
  •  10 adult afghans to the Transitional Living Program.
  •  17 adult afghans, 4 sweaters, 34 hat & mitten sets, 55 more individual hats, & 7 additional pairs of mittens to the Tulsa County Social Services Family Shelter.
  • 26 children’s afghans, 36 sweaters, 30 hat & mitten sets, 52 more individual hats, & 7 additional pairs of mittens to Emergency Infant Services Of Tulsa.
  • 29 hat & mitten sets, 4 individual hats, plus 4 more mitten sets to Tulsa Youth Services.

All of the above, plus over 1,000 caps:

  • 166 more regular cancer caps (86 adult/80 child);
  • 224 additional pink cancer caps (94 adult/130 child);
  • 178 more baby caps;
  • And: an absolutely whopping 460 purple baby caps.