Vance and Gina Davis

Vance Davis

It is and always has been my desire to work with a dedicated body of believers, such as the Cleveland Church of Christ, to bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus as we serve together faithfully.

I believe that I have been gifted by God to preach and to teach His word, not only for His people, but also to a world lost without Christ.

My primary objective in ministry is to continue the life and work of Jesus, to the building up of His body, the church; and to assist a dedicated leadership in bringing Christ's body to a maturity and unity of the faith that would bring glory and honor to the Father, exalt the name of Jesus and following the leading of the Holy Spirit who lives within each and every member of His body.

I believe it is paramount that each member of the body to so live their life that everyone around them see the Christ living within them. It is my objective to so live, teach, and preach that I would be an example for others